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Nodeifi is a team of experienced professionals with a shared passion for the crypto industry. Some of us have been invested and involved since 2013, and we wanted to do more than just invest or trade. We wanted to actively support and contribute to the industry, which is why we started offering services that help new and existing projects. Our goal is to promote decentralization and further the growth of the crypto industry.


Projects we work closely with or have invested into and support through running infrastructure are: POKT, WMT, SUPRA, Entangle, Partisia, Gunzilla, Myria, Chirp, Massa, Prasaga, to name a few. 


At Nodeifi, we're not just a team – we're a thriving dao community of investors and backers united in our mission to revolutionize the crypto landscape. With deep-rooted experience dating back to 2013, we've been at the forefront of blockchain technology, working tirelessly to promote decentralization and drive industry growth.

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