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Join the Nodeifi Private Community by holding one of our Membership NFTs

Our NFT has the following utilities:

  • Unlock your access to our private group;

  • Surround yourself with experienced crypto investors;

  • Get access to pre-IDO deals for new blockchain projects; 

  • Contribute to blockchain decentralization by owning a node or fractionalized pool shares in a node, of a wide variety of blockchain projects;

  • Our NFTs have a tiered system, by holding multiple NFTs (up to a maximum of 3) you get tiered access to dealflows, additional allocation sizes and discounts on fees.

Do you want access to these benefits?  Let’s get started! 

 1. Make sure you are familiar with our Terms of use.

 2. Visit our official OpenSea page and check out our collection

 3. Purchase your Nodeifi NFT;

 4. Once you own a Nodeifi Membership NFT

     - Head over to [Collab land Telegram link]

     - Press “Start” or type /start

     - Follow the bot instructions and press “Connect”

     - A new website link will pop-up

     - Connect and link your wallet

     - Follow the instructions

     - When your wallet is successfully linked you’ll be shown confirmation

     - Return to Telegram to join our channel

 Welcome aboard! Introduce yourself and get ready for the sweet  opportunities in The Candy Shop.


Note! If you transfer or sell your NFT, you will automatically lose access to the group. In order to restore your access, you will have to repeat the steps above! 

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