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Cornucopias is known as ‘The Island’ which is the first game from the Cornucopias Games Studio. Its features are based around the play to earn model. The entire island is created around NFT technology, where players will be able to own characters, land and other NFT based assets that have real world value, all hosted in a fun and expanding metaverse. Collectors can get lost in the metaverse where hundreds if not thousands of limited edition NFT based characters will be available to buy and trade. 

The team behind Cornucopias are excited to share that they have made incredible progress in developing their Node program. Over the last 6 months, they have been exploring options, and developing/testing prototypes. They now have a working prototype of an infrastructure “file node” that will be operational in 2024. 

Benefits of nodes specifically for the Cornucopias Game 

​It allows hundreds of people to download the game simultaneously and much quicker using thousands of Nodes rather than from one centralised location. If owners are operating thousands of Nodes all around the World, someone downloading the game will automatically utilise several nodes in the closest proximity to their location and the information is amalgamated from several nodes for a quicker download. Nodes from active computers and networks/Wi-Fi can only be used so having the correct hardware and having it operational is key to earn the highest rewards/returns. 


 Requirements for Daily Rewards:

  •  To be eligible for daily rewards, each wallet must hold a minimum of 3,000 COPI per node. 

  • In the case where you own more than 5 nodes in the same wallet, you will only be required to hold a minimum of 15,000 COPI to receive daily rewards. 

  • You must have an active player account.

  • -You must have an active node.

  • -The Active Node License must be in the same Web3 Wallet that is connected to the registered player account.


How are Node Rewards distributed:

In general, a user’s rewards correlate with their contribution relative to the total contribution. Contributions are assessed using a points system, designed to incentivize node performance.

Points in the Cornucopias Rewards Program will be accrued based on specific node actions. This will include items such as each hour your node remains online, the quantity of data your node successfully distributes, and the number of successfully completed distributions. However, points may be deducted for each failed distribution, attributed to limitations or bandwidth constraints of your node. These point-earning activities are subject to multipliers, which may be adjusted to guide node performance in the desired direction.

Your total points earned in a day are used to calculate your COPI rewards. Each time you claim rewards, a claim fee will be deducted from your rewards to help replenish the reward pool and the bonus pool.

 Node details:

  • Every node license will be officially issued as an NFT. The NFT will function as an activation key for your node through player accounts.

  • Nodes can be run on a VPS (Virtual Provider Service), which will cost you around $5 - 25 per month. For each node, you will need a separate VPS server. 

  • Nodeifi offers multiple different products to run your nodes, the most popular being Fully Managed where we charge the cost of the hardware (no mark-up) and take a commission of rewards (7.5%) every month. This way, we only make money if your node makes money, we have incentive to ensure its running properly. 

Find out more about Corucopias on their website
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