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A Unique Industry-defining Game (Validator NFTs)

Founded on the desire to innovate, the team behind Gunzilla are looking to break down technological boundaries in pursuit of deeply engaging next-gen experiences. Their team has a wealth of proven knowledge touching on all corners of the gaming industry. Alongside developing the skills and knowledge to produce wildly successful titles, everyone at Gunzilla has a passion for pushing player experiences forward; this fuels their current project and the ongoing work around it. To put it simply, they are dedicated to player enjoyment. More at

Validators wNFT
The “must-have” asset for being a Validator inside the OTG game, wrapped with GUN tokens inside the collateral.


Validators in OTG
aka “proof-of-stakers” in OTG game, decoding the datacubes and extracting NFT in-game items for players. The main play 2 earns a component of the GunZ economy.



  • Validator wNFTs come loaded with GUN tokens already•

  • Earn commissions in GUN tokens by decoding NFT items (data cubes)•

  •  Receive and sell in game NFT items collected

  • Validators NFTs grant an x5 progression rate to guild members

  •  Interact with each other, own and customize their rooms, set up staking options

  •  Richard Morgan who created Altered Carbon is the universe creator

  • Olivier Henriot worked on Assassin's Creed, UbiSoft Games, Watch Dogs, Rayman is Exc. Narrative Director

  • Neill Blomkap is a Academy Award Winning visionary officer and was part of District 9 and Elysium

  • Jussi Keteli who worked on Gears of Wars and Star Citizen is the Art Director

  • Scott Probin who started the Need For Speed Underground franchise is the Game Director

  • Invested $10m of own funds to seed

  •  Game will be launched on PC, PS5 and Xbox (might be the first crypto game on console)

  •  Gameplay similar to PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround (PUBG) and Fortnite

  • Revenue from Battle Passes

  •  Interoperable marketplace to support guns and NFT trading

  •  Built on Unreal Engin


COMMON    (incl.   20k GUNs locked), Rarity 60%

RARE          (incl.   50k GUNs locked), Rarity 30%
 (incl. 200k GUNs locked), Rarity   9%

LEGENDARY + ANCIENT: Allocated / Sold out


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