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Join NODEIFI’s Myria Node Investment Pool and Earn Rewards!



  • Join the NODEIFI MYRIA pool with a minimum investment of $500

  • Earn a share of rewards generated in the pool based on your investment size

  • Compound your rewards back to the pool to buy more nodes or cash out the rewards

  • COST: $12 per month per node PLUS 7,5% of rewards earned

  • Percentage of reward fees decreases as Myria token price increases. 

  • Contact us directly on Telegram  


Are you interested in investing in the Myria Project but have limited funds? A Myria node currently costs around $5800 (and this is expected to rise with each new tranche of nodes). If so, our Myria Node Investment Pool might be just what you're looking for!


Our investment pool is designed specifically for individuals who want to invest in Myria nodes and earn rewards from the Myria network. By contributing a minimum of $500 to join the pool, you'll gain access to our pool of Myria nodes that generate rewards on the network.


As a member of our Myria Node Investment Pool, you'll receive a share of the rewards generated by the Myria nodes. Plus, you won't have to worry about the day-to-day management of the nodes, as Nodeifi will take care of that for you. We charge a management fee of just $12 per month per Myria node, and we take 7.5% of your pooled rewards as a commission.


But that's not all. As your rewards grow, you'll have the opportunity to reinvest them into more Myria nodes, allowing you to potentially earn even higher returns. By reinvesting your rewards, you can compound your earnings and grow your investment over time. And if the value of Myria tokens or cost of a node increases in USD value, you can still reinvest your rewards into more nodes without losing purchasing power.


 Contact us directly on Telegram. We look forward to hearing from you!

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