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Powered by the community of player-run nodes

Myria is the backbone of blockchain gaming, bringing  together everything that is needed to build a decentralised, scalable and secure digital asset and blockchain gaming platform.


Myria’s Ethereum L2 scaling solution uses ZK-Rollup to enable dApps to achieve unlimited scalability and low transaction fees without sacrificing security.


Myria Platform is supported by Myria Nodes. Myria offers its node runners great rewards, like limited edition NFTS and token rewards.

Check out Nodeifi's pricing plans below to become a part of Myria's growing node runner community.

Pricing Plans

Choose from one of the 3 options below.

Fractionalised Node Service


Per day and per node
PLUS 5% of rewards


If you don't have enough MYRIA to have your own node then this service is perfect for you. We distribute rewards which can be paid out or reinvested.

Your Keys Your Node


Set up fee per node + $7.50 per month to use our hardware 

We set up your node on your own machine and you have complete control with your private keys.

We maintain the chain node through which your node operates.

Fully Managed


Per day per node. PLUS 7.5% of rewards


$0.15 per day per node PLUS 15% of rewards

Fully managed from start to finish. Sit back and watch your investment grow. 

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