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We offer :

  • A range of options and pricing plans across multiple projects

  • Pre-warmed, ready to go nodes.

  • High spec Nodes and Gateway Servers.

  • Offering Relays to ETH, BSC, MATIC, AVAX, Harmony, & more... 

  • Easy to understand information on each node's performance.

Choose from one of our node investment options


If you dont' have enough tokens to own your own node in a project, then this is a great option for you. You can own part of a node and get your pro rata share of rewards, which can be paid out to you or reinvested to harness the power of compounding.

Your Node Your Keys

We set up your node, in the project of your choice, on your own machine. This way you have complete control with your own private keys. We maintain the chain node through which your node operates.

Fully Managed Nodes

Fully managed from start to finish. Sit back and watch your investment grow.

Visit the project pages for exact pricing plans

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