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Announcing a strategic partnership between Nodeifi and Minutes Network

Nodeifi is thrilled to announce a strategic new partner in Minutes Network. This new partnership will see the merger of an innovative new telecommunications solution from Minutes Network and the experience and expertise of Nodeifi’s secure, reliable, and trusted node running services.


Minutes Network is the world's first blockchain based, decentralised wholesale voice terminations provider. Operating in a $251bn market, Minutes Network’s unique technologies provide a close to zero-cost terminations model. Gaining users from 3rd party mobile applications via a revenue share model, Minutes Network is set to become the largest voice telecommunications provider in the world, by user base.


Minutes Network has agreed a first major application integration partner who will bring 1.2billion users to the network over the next two years. All Minutes Network ́s net revenues are used to purchase MNT, (Minutes Network Token - the proprietary token of Minutes Network) from the open market. MNT is then algorithmically distributed to network participants - users (25%), Minutes Network (15%) and Node Stakers (60% subject to an algorithmic burn).


Nodeifi plays an important role in providing infrastructure by running Switch and Validator Nodes for the Minutes Network. Minutes Network will rely on Nodeifi’s proven ability to offer secure and reliable node operating services.


Nodeifi has a successful track record of offering top tier projects a secure and robust node hosting service. The team has been in the crypto space since 2013 and with years of experience and a passion for bringing Real World Use case to the industry, we feel that Minutes Network is a fantastic addition to our ever-growing portfolio.


Nodeifi offers fractionalised ownership of nodes in a variety of projects, including gaming, AI and RWA. We believe strongly in the ethos of a shared economy. Minutes Network perfectly aligns with our vision for the future of blockchain and its ability to empower the world through financial freedom and sovereignty.

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