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Nodeifi partners with Nueva Solutions

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Nodeifi partners with Nueva Solutions to bring Web 2.0 security and best practices to Web 3.0

Nodeifi and Nueva Solutions are very pleased to announce their strategic partnership bringing Web 2.0 Cyber Security Best Practices to the Crypto Industry and bringing more awareness of the benefits of blockchain industry to the traditional Web2 market.

Nodeifi runs Validator nodes and gateways for blockchain Layer 1 projects like Ethereum, POKT Network, SupraOracles, and other projects, which is a technically complicated job. Furthermore, monitoring these machines and tuning them for the best performance requires keeping up with constantly changing information for each project. Nodeifi provides the skills and infrastructure so that investors who want to support a particular project don’t have to worry about any of the techie details. Security is of the utmost importance to us.

What is a Validator Node?

A validator node is a special type of full node that participates in “consensus.” By participating in consensus, validator nodes become responsible for verifying, voting on, and maintaining a record of transactions for a Blockchain. Validator nodes underpin the security of any blockchain or DLT network. That is why it is of vital importance to ensure that validator nodes remain both performant and trustworthy.

Why are we partnering?

There are ever-growing cyber threats and incidents in the cryptocurrency space, which have made a lot of investors and businesses nervous, especially the ones that are less digital savvy. Additionally, account takeovers due to cybersecurity threats such as malware and keylogger attacks are increasingly common. Since Nodeifi offers services to consumers that involve private keys and critical information it is paramount that we get our Security policies and procedures right from the get go. To help combat the ever-growing cyber threat landscape, Nodeifi and Nueva Solutions have partnered together to ensure they are offering their customers the most secure environment for their investment. We are also encouraging more education and transparency in the blockchain and crypto space to increase adoption and scalability.

This is a strategic partnership that will allow Nueva Solutions to also get exposure and better understanding of blockchain and the crypto community and enable Nodeifi and its clients to benefit from enhanced security.

About Nueva Solutions

Our passion is continually fuelled by improving the state of Australia and the world, by making the internet and technology a safer place. We keep ahead of rapidly evolving targets and ever-changing landscapes to identify, manage and simplify cybersecurity.

In addition to our expertise and working with market-leading technology solutions, Nueva Solutions provides extensive cybersecurity services from one-off vulnerability assessments through to customised and ongoing managed services comprised of discovery, classification, and remediation activities. We provide:

· Cost effective services to ensure customer satisfaction.

· Effective security framework to help align with your business strategy.

· High-quality solutions that meet your business demands.

More about Nueva Solutions

About Nodeifi

Nodeifi provides a secure and reliable solution to hosting nodes and validators for high calibre projects. We take care of the “techie stuff” while you focus on your investment.

Nodeifi the entity is a relatively new project, but we (the team) have been involved in Crypto since 2013 investing, trading and running nodes.

We support existing and upcoming projects through private investment groups, our network consists of high-net-worth individuals and KOLS who are enrolled in the vision.

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