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True Ownership


Blockchain and crypto-based assets have the ability to transform the gaming industry, as they allow players to have ownership of the platform. By retracting ownership from the platform and giving it to players  (and this being visible on-chain), it becomes possible for players to receive credit for creation of ingame assets.

Investing with NODEIFI


Nodeifi has recently completed a raise for Shrapnel offering our investors a chance to purchase and own Shrapnel Nodes. The offering provided an NFT to the investor with 12,000 $SHRAP Tokens embedded in the NFT and vested over 60 months

($SHRAP Token was worth +/- $0.40 each at time of raise)

How does the node revenue work?

  • Nodes will share 30% of all game revenue.

  • Vesting of embedded tokens is 60 months, monthly vesting from April 2024

  • Game revenue rewards are 100% unlocked

There will be a total of 28,000 Nodes in the Shrapnel Ecosystem and node investors have the potential to earn up to $5000/month from rewards.

Find out more about Shrapnel on their website

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