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Build a better Web3 with better data

Upgrade your smart contracts with accurate, secure, stable, and blazing fast data feeds from DORA — Supra's novel decentralized cross-chain oracle solution.

About Supra 

Web3 needs faster, more secure, more decentralized blockchain infrastructure. That’s what Supra is building. With 5+ years of R&D and a series of technical breakthroughs, they're building native cross-chain solutions to help your smart contracts and blockchain apps work better.


Nodes pull data from multiple sources. The system offers incentives to the best run nodes, promoting good behaviour. It also features fully decentralized governance.

Quick Finality

Supra offers 3-5 second on-chain refresh rates, with full finality. Their closest competitors can only achieve full finality in about 120 seconds.


Supra is designed to be scaled up as demand and usage of the oracle grows.

Cross Chain Interoperability

Built to be compatible with almost any blockchain. For example,  Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Tezos, Avalanche, BSC...

Fast & Secure

Security is a top priority for Supra and they have achieved this with their powerful cryptographic primitives, such as threshold cryptography.

Built for top blockchain networks

Supra unlocks limitless interoperability. They are pioneering cross-chain solutions with integrations across all major and rising L1 and L2 ecosystems — to supercharge Web3 applications across the board.

Now Live on 47 Mainnets

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