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Nodeifi’s Manifesto Manual


Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Rules of Conduct

III. Raise Protocol

IV. OTC and Change of Address Protocol

V. NFT Protocol

VI. Conclusion


I. Introduction

A. General Statement

Be kind to your fellow community members, do the right thing, and have fun!

B. Member Responsibility

Community members are responsible for their investments. I've thoroughly researched the project and  am investing at my own discretion, recognizing the potential for both total and partial loss of funds. I acknowledge that this investment does not guarantee profits, token receipt, or refunds. 


II. Rules of Conduct

 A. Attempted Scams, Cheating, and Harassment

Any proven attempt will result in a ban and forfeiture of allocations. A dedicated value is placed on the community and any such allegations will be taken seriously, making sure all parties are heard.

B. Confidentiality of Deals

Keep project details private: no direct contact with project teams regarding our raises. There is an understanding information sharing is important in crypto, but at no point should specifics about deals be disclosed outside of the Nodeifi Community

C. Contribution Intervals for Node and Regular Raises

There will be tier based contribution intervals. Each raise may have different intervals, but shall always be listed in raise forms. (i.e Tier 1: $1k, Tier 2: $2k, Tier 3: $3k)

D. Fees Included in Raise Price

Fees will ALWAYS be included within the raise price. When contributing send the exact interval listed; no more, no less.

E. Even-Numbered Intervals for Regular Non-Node Raises

Intervals should be even-numbered, exceptions noted.


III. Raise Protocol

For node and regular investment raises, there will be SET contribution intervals that will vary based on the raise, but the amounts that can be contributed will be in set intervals (e.g., $500, $1k, $2k, $4k, etc.). The set amount can vary by raise and will always be listed in the contribution forms.


IV. OTC and Change of Address Protocol


A. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Transactions

Exclusive to the Nodeifi community; no selling outside the group.

B. Admin-Facilitated OTC Transactions

Contact an admin for transactions within the group; 5% fee applies.

C. Change of Wallet Address Post TGE

5% fee for any wallet address changes post TGE.


V. NFT Protocol

A. Private Community Membership Via NFT

To be a member of the private community, you must have a membership NFT and agree to the rules of  conduct listed in this manifesto. By acquiring and following the steps to join the private community you are explicitly agreeing to the rules outlined in this manifesto during and after your tenure with the community.


B. Project NFT rewards

If you have a Project NFT, ongoing rewards will continue to go to the wallet in custody of said NFT, regardless if you are still a member of the private community or not.


VI. Conclusion

Breaching community guidelines can harm the community’s reputation and deals. This may result in the Nodeifi community losing raises, being black balled and more. As such take this manifesto seriously as breaching any of the rules may result in removal from the group and forfeiture of your contributions.

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