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We offer a complete hands-off, white glove, fully managed Nodes-As-A-Service solution. If you don't have the time or ability to setup and ensure your nodes are performing as they should, then this is for you.


For anyone looking into running the infrastructure for nodes, but requires assistance, or perhaps, you already have the infrastructure, but it's not performing optimally, then we can assist.


NODEIFI enables individual investors and pools to connect their crypto to the power of passive income. Create new validators with ease and track existing nodes, with realtime data updates in NODEIFI dashboards.


Monitor your portfolio of nodes & validators from one easy-to-use, custom dashboard, in real time.


We offer co-location services for anyone looking to host their own hardware in a secure, reliable facility, without all the bullshit you would get from a large operation.


We offer shared nodes for developers to test their Dapps. This is a cost effective way for startups to access a wide range of blockchain networks.

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